About Us

The Massey Family is a well known name which started fishing back in the early 1900's in New South Wales and has been involved in the Fishing Industry in Queensland since 1950. Greg's Grandfather Reg Massey was an industry pioneer who opened up trawl grounds in and around Moreton Bay, north to Tin Can Bay and Bundaberg stretching up the coast and into the Gulf of Carpentaria. Kevin Massey, Greg's Father is a Shipwright and has designed and built many trawlers since the early 60's, for himself, his Brother Gordon Massey and Brother-in-law Noel Hoschke, some of which still operate vessels today. Greg has extensive boating experience, not only from his Family ties. Greg holds an Unrestricted Master Class IV; Master Class V (Fishing) and MED II Certificates of Competency, has worked as a Master Fisherman skippering the family trawlers and on Tourist and Commercial vessels and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Want to deal with someone young, with fresh idea's and no bull? The Boat Brokers is the place Family vessels have included: 'Nora'; 'Colleen Star'; 'Rambler'; 'Wendy J': 'Tijuana': 'Lowanna'; 'Linda Jane 1'; 'Linda Jane 2'; 'Rushaway'; 'Santiego'; 'Danny Mac'; 'Kelana'; 'Suarni'; 'Delisa'; 'Cape Bedford'; 'Ventura'; 'Cindy Ann'; 'Crystal Enterprise'; 'Millennium II' - and the newest edition 'South Passage' (currently working the Gulf of Carpentaria)